The Knitting Map Exhibitions

The Knitting Map is currently touring the US as part of MAPPING CLIMATE CHANGE: The Knitting Map and the Tempestry Project supported by Culture Ireland. Exhibitions have included the Berman Museum of Art in Pennsylvania (Jun – Nov 2021), the Wriston Gallery in Wisconsin (Sep – Nov 2023) and The Art Museum in West Virginia (Aug – Dec 2024). This exhibition frames The Knitting Map within contemporary Climate Justice / textile arts debates. The exhibition at the Glucksman in Cork in 2015 (The Knitting Map: Art, Community and Controversy 2005 – 2015) contextualised the work within the media controversy that surrounded it in 2005 and in the subsequent decade. This exhibition also produced the book Textiles, Community and Controversy: The Knitting Map, published by Bloomsbury in 2019.

The Knitting Map has also been exhibited at the Ganser Gallery, Pennsylvania in 2007, the Millennium Hall, Cork in 2006 and in St. Luke’s Church, Cork during the year of its making in 2005.