Performance and choreography have been a defining aspect of Jools Gilson’s art practice over three decades. This work includes early works for galleries such as Difficult Joys (1995), the dance theatre works for theatres in the late 1990s and early 2000s; The Secret Project (1999) , Spinstren (2002) and The White Quadrangle (2005). Current dance projects include writing / narration for Weathering by Mary Wycherley, live writing for Middle End Beginning by Lucia Kickham and The Vintage with Cindy Cummings and Mary Nunan. She is a 2021 Fulbright Scholar at the University of Colorado Boulder where she is developing her project Tempestries: Textiles, Tactility & the Climate Emergency partly through a choreographic residency at the B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance at CU Boulder.