The Secret Project (1999)

secrecy n. condition of being secret.

half/angel’s dance theatre production The Secret Project was co-produced by Media & Visual Arts / Theatre Arts at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada and the Institute for Choreography & Dance, Ireland and performed in Canada, Ireland and The Netherlands. The Secret Project implemented several years of performance research into motion sensing technologies / text and choreography at the Banff Centre, and focused on the idea of the ‘secret’. The performers were Jools Gilson, Cindy Cummings and Mary Nunan.

secrecy adj. about 1378, hidden, concealed, private; borrowed from Old French secret, concealed, private, learned, borrowing from Latin, and borrowed into English from Latin, secretus set apart, withdrawn, hidden

Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland (2001)
Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2000)
Institute for Choreography and Dance, Cork, Ireland (1999)
The Eric Harvey Theatre, Banff Centre, Canada (1999)

“And the delicacy of Jools Gilson-Ellis’s performance in ‘The Secret Project’ created with Richard Povall, suggested that motion-sensor technology could sometimes create effects as subtle as live dancing.” ~ New York Times, 3rd March 1999

Performance of extracts from The Secret Project :
Navigating Intelligence, Media & Visual Arts, Banff Centre, Canada (1999)
International Association of Word & Image Studies, Scripps College, Claremont, CA, US (1999)
International Dance and Technology, Arizona State University, US (1999)
Discipline & Deviance: Genders, Technologies, Machines, Duke University, US (1998)
Out of the Box: The Future of Interface, Media & Visual Arts, Banff Centre, Canada (1998)

out loud
tell me
say it
out loud
bring it
into the
that secret
the one
left over
that omission
you made
that thing
never said
I want
the knowledge
of it
in me
press it damply
out of you
tongue to
breath to heart
say it
out loud

Tell me
Snow Ghosts

Articles about The Secret Project:

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Press Articles / Reviews:

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You keep secrets
in your mouth.
I see them
tiny pieces of
white paper
covered in plastic
to your back

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