The Glucksman Gallery 2015

The Knitting Map: Art, Community and Controversy 2005 – 2015
The Glucksman Gallery, University College Cork, Ireland (2015)

Jools Gilson - Exhibition (2022-27)

The Knitting Map 

Art, Community and Controversy 2005 – 2015 

Glucksman Gallery, University College Cork, Ireland 

This exhibition marked the ten year anniversary of The Knitting Map and contextualised the work within the controversary that surrounded its making and dissemination in Ireland. The work took over the first floor gallery of the Glucksman sweeping down the east wall and along the floor to north and west windows. The exhibition also hosted a Knitters Welcome and a Symposium with contributions from national and international textile experts and art critics, including Jessica Hemmings, Fionna Barber and Joanne Turney. Textiles, Community and Controversy: The Knitting Map published by Bloomsbury in 2019 arose out of this symposium. ‘We Were Stitched Up!’ by Jools Gilson, Evening Echo, Women on Wednesday, May 13th 2015

The Knitting Map at the Glucksman and Entry Points to Learning
Dr. Marian McCarthy, UCC.